Back to the 80′s

Artéma, in co-production with Creative Entertainment, presented this musical on campus at the beginning of September 2008. We believe it was the right product and that it was performed at a high standard, but the ticket sales, in spite of intensive marketing, told another story.


One of our greatest and proudest highlights of 2010 was the planning and execution of the production “Persreën” about the music of alumnus Johannes Kerkorrel.

20 Hande, 1 Hart

The Potchefstroom Campus of the NWU, under the patronage of the Office of the Rector, held a fundraising concert in aid of alumnus, Christa Steyn, on 25 February 2012


Brylcreem, combs and chewing gum took the campus by storm during the last week of August 2012 with the evergreen production Grease presented by Artéma and Alabama Productions, produced in association with PUK Arts.

Campus Talent Festival 30th Anniversary Concert

The first groundwork and planning for the establishment of a campus talent festival as exposure platform for students began in 1983 with Mr Horst Bütow, head of the former Culture Office (today PUK Arts), at the helm.