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Artéma Recording Studio

Artéma Recording Studio offers a competitive and affordable service that helps students, upcoming and established artists to be creative in a relaxed way. The professional equipment and software ensures outstanding quality. Help is also offered with graphic designs, duplication and music score layout.

The studio is situated in a dynamic campus environment and offers a friendly, supportive and professional service that empowers artists to be fully creative in a relaxed way. The control room is equipped with a Behringer x32 mixing console, ADAM P33-A nearfield monitors and professional software such as CUBASE 11 and SIBELIUS 5. Virtual instrument packs such as the latest Halion 6 Symphonic Orchestra, the Peter Siedlaceck Orchestra, EWQLSO Gold, EastWest’s Hollywood Choirs Gold, Trilogy, RealGuitar 5, RealStrat 5, Saxlab 2, Garritan Bigband and Stylus RMX, together with various plug-in packs are available to give your arrangements just that professional edge.

The recording space consists of an acoustically treated, soundproofed 7m x 5m room, a drum booth with a Yamaha Stage Custom Drumkit with a variety of Zildjian and Sabian cymbals, as well as a solo booth for vocals. The studio owns Neumann, Sennheiser, Shure, AKG & M-Audio microphones. Pro Audio, Presonus and Tascam headphone amps are used for monitoring with Sennheiser and Audio Technika headphones. The Fender Rumble 100 or Peavey TNT 160 bass amps provides solid full bass lines while the Yamaha CLP-265 Digital Grand Piano, Kutzweill SP 4-8 or Roland FP-5 keyboards ensure professional sounding piano tracks. A choice between our Fender Hotrod Deluxe, Peavey Classic 50 or Roland JC 60 guitar amps gives you guitar tracks that make the cut. The studio also does basic mastering. For a full list, visit the gear tab.

At the request of the artist, Artéma Recording Studio can bring them into contact with young graphic designers that create quality designs in contemporary styles. A template of a personal Promo Pack, and help with creating one, is also available. The studio uses Cubase / Sibelius to create professional score layouts in a professional style of your choice, as well as full orchestra scores and individual instrument parts.

Artéma Recording Studio can help to facilitate the process of manufacturing and duplication of “glass master” CD’s if you want to use a different professional CD plant.

Artéma Recording Studio aim to provide basic support with these aspects in the near future. Keep watching this space for more information.

Artéma Recording Studio creates professional backtracks according to the artist’s requirements for a reasonable fee. Arrangements for vocal groups, pop bands and big bands are also done. 

To view a full list of the existing backtracks and sheet on offer, click here

BEHRINGER X32 Digital mixing console OR YAMAHA M7CL with ESU 1808 sound interface 

Cubase 11

ADAM P33-A nearfield monitors

ESU 1808 Sound Interface, Roland SRV-3030 Reverb, Studer Revox Stereo Tape Recorder, Roland XV-5050, Roland Super JV 1080

Pro Audio/Tascam/Presonus Headphone Amps, Audio Technica and Sennheizer Headphones

Neumann U87 (2)
Neumann TLM 102 (1)
M-Audio Luna (4)
Shure KSM 44 (2)
Shure KSM 141 (2)
Shure Beta 52 (1)
Shure Beta 91 (1)
Shure Beta 57 (6)
Shure SM 57 (3)
Shure SM 58 (6)
Shure SM 48 (6)
AKG C 414 (2)

Sennheiser Evolution 900 Series Drum Microphones:
Sennheiser e902 (1)
Sennheiser e904 (3)
Sennheiser e905 (1)
Sennheiser e914 (3)

Yamaha CLP – 265 Digital Grand Piano
Kurzweil SP4-8 Stage Piano
Roland FP-5 Stage piano (2)
Fender P-bass guitar (4 string)
Fender Rumble 100 Bass Amp
Peavey TNT 160 Bass Amp
Fender Hotrod Deluxe Guitar Amp
Peavey Classic 50 Guitar Amp
Roland Jazz Chorus 60 Guitar Amp
Yamaha Stage Custom Drums (10”, 12”, 16”)
Tama Rockstar Drumkit (12”, 13”, 16”)
“Dave Weckl” Yamaha Custom snare (14”)
Yamaha Stage Custom Snare drum (14”)
Various TAMA snaredrums (14” Metal – 3)
Sabian AAX Cymbals (17” Stage crash, 17” Studio crash, 21” ride)
Zildjian “K-series” Cymbals (16” crash, 21” ride)
Zildjian “K-series” Hi-Hats (14”)
Zildjian “Avedis” Cymbals (16” crash, 18” crash, 21” ride, 22” ride)
Zildjian “Avedis” Hi-Hats (14”)
Paste Hi-Hats (15”)
Percussion Instruments

Cubase 11, Sibelius 5, EXS24, Halion Symphonic Orchestra 6, Kontakt 6, Peter Siedlaceck Orchestra, EWQLSO Gold, Hollywood Choirs Gold, Groove Agent, Stylus RMX, Backbeat, Liquid Grooves, Brush Artistry, Trilogy, RealGuitar 5, RealStrat 5, Virtual Guitar 2, Albino, B4, FM7, Mr Ray73, Garritan Jazz and Bigband, SaxLab 2, “Classic” and “Modern” Effects Packs.

Artéma Recording Studio Rates

For our latest rates click here.

Artéma Recording Studio Clients

Clients include:

Ms. Semane Molotlegi – Queen Mother of the Royal Bafokeng Nation, Prof. Piet Koornhof, NWU School of Music, Babette Viljoen, Marius Brouwer and Rocco de Villiers, Mpumalanga Youth Choir, NWU Puk Choir, RSG / MMM Productions, Matchframe Media, Ctext and the CSIR, UNISA, The Oprah Winfrey Academy for Girls, Flatlander, Where’s Waldo, various school productions and many more.

Artéma Recording Studio charges a basic rate of R350.00 per hour. NWU Students only pay R250.00 per hour. All rates are excluding VAT. A 50% deposit is payable on confirmation of booking.

  • We offer discount on our 5 day packages:
    • External clients – 5 day package, 6 hours per day: R1500.00 per day
    • NWU Students – 5 day package, 6 hours per day: R1250.00 per day

Artéma Recording Studio uses, amongst others, Sennheiser, Neumann, Shure, M-Audio and AKG mics, a Behringer X32 Digital console OR Yamaha M7CL Digital console and Cubase 11 for sessions. The studio also owns a variety of virtual instruments and backline. For more info on available gear, see “Gear”.

Yes – the studio is functional under NWU COVID-19 regulations. COVID-19 protocols are in place and adhered to (e.g. wearing of masks, social distancing, regular washing of hands, sanitizing of hands and equipment). The number of people in the studio is limited to two (2) in the recording room, and two (2), including the recording engineer in the control room. This has an implication on full band recordings, but instruments can still be recorded separately on a click track. Unfortunately, we do not allow visitors to the studio or building without prior appointment. Contact for bookings and appointments.

Studio upgrades software

Nov 2020 –

Artéma Recording Studio has been in the fortunate position to be able to upgrade some of its software.

The new software includes Cubase 11, Halion 6, Realguitar 5 & RealStrat 5 and EastWest’s Hollywood Choirs.

We are very excited about using this new software for our (and your) recordings.

Contact us for bookings at