Project Promosa

The ATKV had this project since the Aardklop National Arts Festival came into existence in 1998 until 2010. This project focused on basic arts development and exposure to the arts for the community of Promosa outside Potchefstroom. Artéma became involved in 2004 by handling the project management for the ATKV. We handled the administrative, logistic and transport support free of charge, thereby ensuring the successful execution of the project.

The project was executed during Aardklop every year and during the last few years of our involvement the project team consisted of people living in Promosa. The programme mainly comprised the “Promosa’s Got Talent” competition which gave local talent the opportunity to make the most of their talents. The project had a strong focus on the youth and gave the opportunity to Promosa locals to share in the spirit of Aardklop.

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