National Arts Management Symposi

The three National Arts Management Symposia presented by Artéma from 2006–2008 was the first of its kind within the arts environment in South Africa. The purpose of these symposia was to bring together role-players from especially the managerial side of the arts in order to create awareness of the importance of good arts management and to discuss matters of mutual interest.

Especially two speakers can be regarded as highlights of these symposia: David Bownes (British director and producer), who shared his knowledge and experience in 2008 as the producer of large-scale productions, and Mike van Graan, playwright and arts activist, who shared informed opinions on the status quo of arts management in South Africa.

In total approximately 350 people attended the symposia over three years. Twenty-eight high-profile speakers in the arts industry of South Africa delivered speeches on various topics related to arts management.

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