Brylcreem, combs and chewing gum took the campus by storm during the last week of August 2012 with the evergreen production Grease presented by Artéma and Alabama Productions, produced in association with PUK Arts.

The production was a team effort with the best talent on campus under direction of Nacia Kruger (Alabama alumnus) and was extremely popular with audiences with 91 % attendance per night and four standing ovations.

Presenting such a production implies large financial risks and this team effort would not have been made possible without the support from the Office of the Rector, the Office of the Vice-chancellor and investments by businesses in the town. The fact that businessmen were willing to associate their businesses and trademarks with an amateur production of this scale, propose a vote of confidence in the university and products of the university.

Although the success of such a production is dependent on various and divergent sources of talent, the contribution of Prof Annette Combrink needs special commendation. The attitude with which she formed part of this production was an inspiration for every team member, old and young, both on stage and behind the scenes.

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