Campus Talent Festival 30th Anniversary Concert

The first groundwork and planning for the establishment of a campus talent festival as exposure platform for students began in 1983 with Mr Horst Bütow, head of the former Culture Office (today PUK Arts), at the helm.

The first Talent Festival, in association with the Council of Culture of the Student Council, took place in May 1984, which means that we celebrated the 30th Campus Talent Festival in 2013. It was a special occasion, since it is the oldest project of its kind at any university in South Africa.

Through the years the annual Campus Talent Festival produced a lot of exceptional talented artists of which most have successfully established and developed careers in the music world – not only on national level, but also on international level.

The 30-year existence of this project was auspiciously celebrated in May of this year with a large number of previous winners who performed at the concert.

Amongst them were Anna Davel, Flip-a-Coin, Katlego Maboe, Machiel Roets, Herman van den Berg and the soprano Erica Eloff.

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