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The training approach followed by Artéma entails the practice-based compilation of courses/workshops in order to take it to those individuals and arts organizations in need of training. Our goal is to train people from grass-roots level upwards. After attending our courses, people should be empowered to go back to their communities and make a positive difference since that is where the primary need of basic expertise and management skills in the arts environment lies. Without these skills, access to funding on grass-roots level will be nearly impossible and without funding or basic knowledge to ensure sustainability, the arts community will suffer.

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Artéma also serves the vibrant student life of the NWU in a variety of capacities through presenting big musical productions on a regular basis, delivering technical production services to our annual campus Talent Festival and other events via Alabama Productions and giving management and project support to the variety of student arts and culture organizations on campus.


Artéma has partnered with Tixsa more than 10 years ago for all our ticketing needs for all our events, show, projects and productions. They have a brilliant ticketing platform with with many value added sevices for any kind of event – doesn’t matter how big or small. We are proud to be associated with Tixsa.

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The ATKV had this project since the Aardklop National Arts Festival came into existence in 1998 until 2010. This project focused on basic arts development and exposure to the arts for the community of Promosa outside Potchefstroom