Arts Management Training

Artéma’s training activities are continuously aimed at communities and development since the majority of activities focus on people involved with the management of community arts organisations.

Training Courses

The training approach followed by Artéma entails the practice-based compilation of courses/workshops in order to take it to those individuals in need of training. Our goal is to train people from grass-roots level upwards and not vice versa. After attending our courses, people should be empowered to go back to their communities and make a positive difference since that is where the primary need of basic expertise and management skills in the arts environment lies. Without these skills, access to funding on grass-roots level will be nearly impossible and without funding or basic knowledge to ensure sustainability, the arts community will suffer.


The training format includes:

  • basic training sessions for the management of arts organisations on campus;
  • workshops, attendance courses; and
  • learnership programmes as well as the subject Arts Management (MUSB).