Artéma Recording Studio gets new drum mic’s

We are very proud to “unveil” our new drum microphones from Sennheiser and plan to make full use of them in the new year. The Sennheiser e900 Backline Series were  especially designed for drums.

This set of microphones have been awarded the TEC Award – Winner for Outstanding Technical Achievement in the category Microphone Technology / Sound Reinforcement.  The Sennheiser e900 Backline Series has also been awarded an m.i.p.a. award: Best drum microphones.


  • Full, impressive, lively sound for drums and percussion
  • Very fast attack
  • Compact body ideal for mounting on toms and snare drum
  • Excellent sound profiling, adapts to all percussive styles
  • Hum compensating coil

    Come check them out – you won’t be sorry!

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